October 2002 – Savory Soup, Hearty Stews, Warm Crusty Bread

Savory soup, hearty stews, warm, crusty bread….. just the fare for those cooler fall days. Wouldn’t fresh thyme make a tastier soup, fresh rosemary make a more satisfying stew and how about some fresh homemade herb bread?

In this issue I’ll give you some tips and ideas about over wintering your favorite herbs indoors so you’ll have fresh, tasty herbs for all your fall and winter culinary delights.

I know we southern gardeners can grow most culinary herbs outdoors all winter. In fact many of these herbs come back to life in our cooler fall and winter temperatures. The summer heat and humidity take their toll especially on thymes, lavender, sage and even parsley. Fall brings the color and flavor back into the herbs that have been stressed by summer.

Don’t forget about the herbs that absolutely will not grow well or at all in the south during the summer. We wait for fall to replant cilantro, dill, nasturtiums, salad burnet, and in some cases, even parsley. If you’re a southern gardener, enjoy the fall, recompost those beds, seed or transplant your cool season herbs and relax in the mild temperatures.

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