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Gardening is an endeavor that you can enjoy your whole life. It is a constant learning process, as every year, every season is different.

Herbs growing at The Herb Cottage

Herbs growing at The Herb Cottage

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Some years we are deluged with rain, delaying planting, washing away beds and seeds or even losing plants due to too much moisture. Other years it’s so dry, it seems all we do is irrigate and nothing really thrives, vegetables are small and we become discouraged.

Gardeners, however, are the eternal optimists! Every new planting season brings hope and vision of the best garden yet! We aspire to grow the most beautiful, flavorful tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash or melons, the most colorful flowers and the most succulent and savory herbs.

How we go about gardening is a learned skill. Remember, no one is born knowing how to garden.

Some learn the skill early in life due to parents or grandparents who are gardeners while others learn on their own through reading, talking with friends and neighbors, joining clubs and associations and trial and error. I’m the latter type of gardener- self taught and always learning!

 I live and garden in the humid south where winters are mild and summers are very hot and humid with the occasional hurricane or drenching rain. As with many parts of the country, the weather seems to have become more extreme, and as gardeners, we have to learn to do our best to cope with the weather. We sure can’t change it!! 

I’ll do my best to help you with your gardening endeavors, no matter where you live and garden- be it a garden in your landscape, your farm or your patio, balcony or windowsill.

Join me and millions of other gardeners on the journey. Everyone gardens for a different reason. Whether it’s vegetables to feed your family or earn your living, flowers to brighten your yard and cheer you up when you are outdoors, herbs to liven up your cooking or to keep you and your family healthy or even houseplants to freshen the indoor environment and add beauty to your home, there is a place for you in the gardening world.

HERBSan extensive list of common culinary, landscape and folk remedy herbs.




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Find your Gardening Zone

Find the average date of your First and Last Frost- This will help you know when to start seeds for transplanting into the garden- Last Frost Date. And when you need to plant crops in the late summer and early fall to get a harvest before a frost is likely to hit.

Mulching is an essential part of gardening, especially if you live where water is scarce or it is very hot. Here is a wonderful article on Mulching sent to me by a reader.

Follow this link to learn about what varieties of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers you can grow in the fall and winter along the Gulf Coast and inland in Central Texas.



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