Guest Post- Plants for your Dorm Room

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10 Plants to Bring More Joy and Health into Your College Dorm Room

During your time in college, your dorm room becomes your home and, just like any other home, you’ll want to make it your own. This means ensuring that it stays light, airy and colourful and is a pleasure for you to spend time in.

Looking for ways to breath new life into your dorm room? Check out these top ten plants that ooze colour and beauty!

#1 – Bamboo

Renowned as panda cuisine, bamboo is a great plant to have in your dorm room and guarantees to lighten up your personal space. Bamboo can grow overnight which makes it a very exciting project to watch over time. Bamboo is also associated with anti-stress and calming properties.

#2 – Tillandsia

If you’re looking to add a bit of vibrant and attractive colour into your dorm room, a tillandsia or two could be ideal. Interestingly, all you need is a bowl of water for these gorgeous flame-coloured plants to float in, rather than traditional messy soil and dirt.

#3 – Scallions

While you might not think of your college dorm room as the best place to be growing vegetables that you can actually eat, scallions are a great exception to this rule. “This plant only produces little onion like bulbs that can effortlessly cut off and use for your dinner” – explains Christine Hadley, a Herbs writer at Ukwritings.

#4 – Succulents

Succulents are perhaps one of the most common plants for college students, mainly because they don’t take much to look after. Many of these species can survive for months without water and come in kinds of different shapes and sizes.

#5 – Ponytail Palm

Looking to add a beach-style theme to your dorm room? Why not spruce things up with your very own palm tree? Sarah Shepherd, a Health writer at Essayroo and Huffingtonpost expert says: “These miniature palms are easy to look after, low maintenance and pride themselves on their unique and interesting pom-pom styled leaves.”

#6 – A Money Tree

Unfortunately, this isn’t a tree that’s going to grow money to fund your college experience and your night’s out, but it is a beautiful tree that you can easily grow in your dorm room. This tree is a similar style to a bonsai tree and works best when you group with similar trees of different sizes.

#7 – Ivy

Okay, so although ivy is commonly thought of growing up the sides of trees or run-down buildings, this is no longer the case. Ivy is renowned for being extremely easy to take care of, grows fast, and it doesn’t even need much sunlight, making it perfect for busy college students!

#8 – Kalanchoe

Similar to the succulent plant varieties, kalanchoe’s are very hardy and easy to look after, lasting days without watering; ideal if you’re busy and forget. The flowers come in a variety of vibrant colours, including pinks, yellows and whites which are sure to light up your personal space.

#9 – A Christmas Tree!

If you’re looking to add a touch of wonder to your room during the festive Christmas, it goes without saying that you’re going to need a Christmas tree. You can get Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes, from booming ten-foot trees to little windowsill ones that are easy to look after and decorate.

#10 – Forget-Me-Nots

Ending this flora list on a classic, forget-me-nots have always been a sought-after houseplant, and for a good reason. “Beautiful colours, an attractive fragrance, and a traditional meaning of friendship, this is a great plant to gift your friend group” – comments Tomas Holley, a Décor writer at Boomessays.

Breathing a breath of fresh air into your college dorm room doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, all it takes it a little trip to your local garden centre for some gorgeous plants and beautiful colours!