How to Build a Rain Garden

I came across the attached article in one of the newsletters I subscribe to from Garden Simply. It’s an idea I’ve heard of but never really 

investigated. It’s a simple concept and can be done simply. The idea is to reduce runoff and create an attractive area that takes little care and management. I have a couple of places on my property that I could build one of these gardens. I’m thinking Vetiver Grass would be a perfect plant to add to it along with other plants that can take a wet/dry cycle.

(For more on Vetiver Grass, visit the Vetiver Grass webpage.)

I hope you find the article useful. 
How to Build a Rain Garden

Author: Cindy M

I have a broad knowledge of gardening with herbs and vegetables using sustainable gardening practices in South Central Texas area. Would like to encourage all gardeners to reduce use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides for the health of all concerned. Specialties: Workshop and lecture topics include herb growing, harvesting and using herbs in the home, organic growing practices, heirloom vegetable gardening.